Doctor's Office is a co-created call-in, web-portal where users can initiate a call to a range of expert medical personnel nationwide and get real-time response to their medical challenges.


AudioMagic  is a subscription-based, audio streaming platform that allows users listen to interesting audios aggregated from major content providers. The categories of audio on the platform include religious, lifestyle, comedy and inspirational.



TutorMe is subscription-based and targeted at students. It features video streaming of carefully compiled exam tutorials on a wide range of academic topics for students preparing for exams like WAEC, Jamb and NECO.


Spotter HR  is an exclusive, subscription-based, job portal where job seekers can register and get regular assessment after which they are placed on a short list and marketed to companies based on their assessment results. Subscribers are notified via SMS of potential openings that fit their desired roles and are also given daily job SMS tips.



VideoMagic  is a subscription-based, video streaming platform that allows users watch interesting videos aggregated from major content providers. The video categories on video magic include lifestyle, comedy, inspirational and instructional videos.


BetBetta  in conjunction with Confirm Bets is a portal that aggregates betting predictions and expert analysis for better betting decisions. It applies a subscription-based model and provides regular odds, predictions and betting analysis on both mobile and web.